2017 Indian Education Summit

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"Indian Education for All"

July 25-26, 2017
Moore Norman Techology Center - South Penn Campus, OKC, OK
The American Indian Institute (Aii) will host the 2017 Indian Education Summit, July 25-26, at the Moore Norman Techology Center - South Penn Campus, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This summit is hosted in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the University of Oklahoma Outreach, and the South Central Comprehensive Center at the University of Oklahoma.
This event will address a variety of culturally-relevant educational issues in the Native American community. The conference strands for this year are college and career readiness standards, culture and language, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and tribal services. PK-12 educators, administrators, counselors, Indian education directors, tribal service providers, civic and community organization leaders, legislators and state offices, BIA/BIE/IHS employees, and members of the higher education community are all encouraged to attend.

Agenda for Summit

Agenda for Summit


Keynote Speakers for the 2017 Indian Education Summit



Who Should Attend

PK - 12 Educators



Tribal Leaders

Indian Education Directors

BIA/BIE/IHS Employees

Members of the Higher Education Community

Tribal Service Providers

Civic and Community Organization Leaders

Legislators and State Officials


Register Online

Regular Registration (until July 11, 2017) - $125

Informational Exhibitor - $150 for first person, $25 for second person

Vendor - $150 for first person, $25 for second person